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Gentleman's Valet or Man's Jewlrey Box

The box is made of solid hawaiian Koa with wenge trim.  The top is an art deco inlay made with wenge, polly, purple heart, walnut, cherry, and fir.  The inside box lid is made of zebra wood.

Interior dividers are made of curly maple. The box interior is lined with crushed green velvet, brass lock and hinges



  • 22 inches long
  • 16 inches wide
  • 5 high

Art Deco Gentleman's Valet

  • Terry is a fine builder of exquisite handcrafted unique wood crafts.  The main purpose of this project is to create and avenue for Terry to off load his wooden boxes.  He wants to build more, but his wife will only allow him to make more when he gets rid of one.  If you have any questions, or see something you like, or have a custom request; give Terry a call.

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